This is where you will come to SEND OUT THE ENEWSLETTER or SEARCH for a contact. Here are the steps to follow in order to send out the ENewsletter:

1. BEFORE you can send out an email, you must click on ‘Verified Email Addresses.’ Put the email address you want the email to come from (perhaps your @yourwebaddress one) and click “Validate Email Address.” You will receive an email at that address, which will have a link you MUST click in order to validate the email address. Once this is done, you will be able to send out eNewsletters. From here, you will start by:

2. Clicking SEARCH

3. From the drop down, click eNewsletter Subscribers

4. You’ll see a page with EMAIL THESE PEOPLE at the top. Click on that link.

5. Now you see the WideNet Emailer page

a. In the FROM field type the NAME you want to appear in the recipients’ inbox

b. In the EMAIL field, you can select from any VALIDATED email addresses. To learn how to validate an email address, see #1 above.

c. In the SUBJECT field type in what the you to appear in the Subject line of the email- e.g. XYZ ENewsletter

d. In the email body you have the same functionality as the Pages Module of the website. You can link to external websites, link to PDF or Word documents, bold and italicize words, etc. Just make sure that if you copy text from an external source, that you use the icon of the clipboard with the T to paste into the field, in order to remove extra code that comes from Word and other sources. Also, IF YOU ADD A LINK, put the actual web address off to the side of the link, so that in case any of your recipients don’t have HTML-based email, they will be able to copy & paste that link into their browser. IF YOU ADD PICTURES to the email, people without HTML-based email will NOT be able to see them.

e. Put your email address at the bottom. When all the emails have finished sending, you will receive an email.

f. Now click PREVIEW EMAIL in order to make final adjustments before sending OR Save As Draft so that you can come back and send it later.

g. If you click PREVIEW EMAIL, in the top of the next page you will see the HTML Newsletter Preview. On the bottom, you will see the Plain Text Newsletter Preview. If a recipients’ email system rejects HTML emails, then the Plain Text version is sent.

h. Now click Send! You’ll be taken to a new page that will tell you a) how many people will be receiving your eNewsletter and b) about what time all your emails will be sent out. You can leave the Control Panel, and even the Internet entirely if you like – your emails are set up in a queue that will get sent out.