Adding Images Without Changing The File Size
To post photos in sections of the website (other than the automatic rotating slideshow in the header), go to that page in the Control Panel, then click the icon on the top row, far right that says ‘images’ if you mouse over it. You will see several tabs. Click on the one that says ‘Upload.’ Click browse to find the photo file on your computer, your jump drive, or on the photo CD that you’ve inserted into your CD drive. Once you find the correct image, click on it. Then click the Send it to the Server button. A box will pop up that tells you that your photo has been successfully uploaded. Once uploaded, you should be able to see the image in the preview bar in the Image Manager Box. You’ll see that the Width and Height are displayed for you in their corresponding boxes. You can change one of these and the other one will be changed proportionally, so that the images dimensions are not compromised even as you make it smaller for the website – if you would like to change the actual file size of the photo, see “To Change the Size of a File (Photo)” below. V Space and H Space refer to the space that you want to exist between the edge of the image and the beginning of the text. So if you insert 8 into that field, you will see that more space will be placed between the edge of the image and the beginning of the adjacent text than if you had left that field blank. The Border is what allows you to add a frame-like border to the edge of the image, so if you insert the number 5 you will see a thinner border than if you type in 10. However, you can also leave it blank for no border. The Align allows you to specify how the photo should relate to the text. For instance, do you want the image to be to the left of the text, or the right of the text, or above it, etc. Once you are done, simply select the Okay button in the bottom right hand corner of the box and the photo will be inserted, as specified, into the page! If you cannot find the Okay button, it is possible that you will need to click on the very bottom right hand corner of the box and stretch it in order to see the Okay and Cancel buttons. To add photos to the slideshow in the header, email those to WideNet.

Changing The Size Of 
If you would like to change the actual file size of the photo you’re adding to your website, visit, upload your image, and start resizing and cropping. When you're finished, you can click the Download Image link on the left and save it to your computer. Do this before uploading an image onto your site through our control panel and you'll notice your pages load faster and images don't get that "smushed up" look. (This is the quicker, easier way to resize your photo.)