To set up your Windows Mail client to work with Gmail, just follow these steps:

1. Open Windows Mail. The wizard pops up if it's your first time using it; otherwise, simply click Tools > Accounts > Add.

2. Enter your name, then click Next.

3. Enter your complete email address (, and click Next.

4. Choose IMAP input given servers, and check 'Outgoing server requires authentication'; click Next.

5. Enter your full email address ( and Google password, and click Next. See here for more information on setting up your Google password.

6. Click through (the checkbox is optional), then click Finish.

7. Select Tools > Accounts > IMAP account, then select Properties > Advanced.
  • Enter port number '465' next to the 'Outgoing Mail (SMTP)' field and port number '993' next to the 'Incoming mail (IMAP)' field. Check both secure connection boxes, and click Apply.
  • Click Close.

8. Check Google's recommended client settings, and adjust your client's settings as needed.
  • IMAP: IMAP (Internet message access protocol) lets you download messages from Gmail so you can access your mail with a program like Outlook Express or Apple Mail. IMAP syncs the actions you take in Outlook Express or Apple Mail with Gmail so if you read a message in your mail client, it'll be marked as read in Gmail.
  • Domain: A domain is a name for an IP address and is more commonly recognized as a website or web address. For example, is a domain.