1. If you want to upload email addresses into the Contact Management system so that you can send them mass e-mails, go under ‘Contact Management’ and click ‘Import Contacts.’ Very importantly, the file you upload MUST be a .csv file. You can export an Excel file as a .csv. Press ‘Choose File’ to select the .csv file you want to upload and press ‘Upload File.’ Also, BE SURE THAT FIRST AND LAST NAMES APPEAR IN SEPARATE COLUMNS. This is very important.

2. From here, you may select which group(s) you want these people to be placed in. If you already have Contacts uploaded into our system and you have revised your list, you may select “Yes” under “Delete all contacts in the above groups before printing.” This means that, if you are uploading this year’s Board Members, you might not want the old board members (whose email addresses are already in your system) to get those emails.

3. If the first row of information in your file is NOT a person’s information (for example, some will have the first row be something to the effect of: First Name, Last Name, Email Address so as to denote what information is provided in the columns), you will want to select “Yes” to “Ignore the first row.”

4. Under “First Row of Data,” you will see the information as laid out in the first row of your document. From here, you get to select what each cell “means.” For example, the first thing under “First Row of Data” may be “Smith.” To make sure that delineates that it is the person’s LAST name, next to “Smith” on the drop-down menu, choose “Main Table – Last Name.” Do this for each column of information that you want to be included – I would suggest ONLY putting in someone’s email, first, and last names. Any other information can easily be left out if you simply do not select anything from the drop-down menu.

5. Then press “Insert Data.”