To add a page, click Add A Page. Next a blank page will open. Immediately type in the name you want to give the page into the PAGE TITLE field at the top. If the pages of your website are organized by categories, you can also add this new page to one of those categories after naming it (the categorizing tool is just to the right of the Title field). Once you have created your new page, click SUBMIT. You will now see a green box at the top of the page that will say ‘Content Created Successfully’ and you will also see the link to the newly created page displayed in light yellow. If you scroll your cursor over the yellow box, the link will be highlighted and you can copy it by selecting Control C. Now you can link TO your newly created page anywhere else within the website. Keep in mind that creating a new page does NOT automatically place a link to it in your main navigation bar. If you have created a new page that you want to also appear as a main navigation bar link, please email that link to WideNet and inform us of the order the link should be placed in relation to your current navigation buttons.