Most clients do not use anchor links (to add a link to another website, see ADDING A HYPERLINK above). An example of when you might want to use anchor links is if you have a particularly long page and want to give someone the option of clicking on a link at the top of the webpage that takes them directly to a specified point within that page. Anchor links are commonly used on FAQ pages where the questions are listed at the top and then you can click on the question to go directly to the answer farther down the page. The first step is to insert the ‘anchors’ and then the second step is to link to the anchors. Here’s how: Click your cursor into the point in the cpanel page where you want to place the anchor. Next click the small anchor icon at the top of the tool bar of that cpanel page. A small pop up box will appear and will ask you to name the anchor. This name will not be seen by someone viewing your website, so you can name it whatever you want. For instance, if you are linking the answer to the fifth Frequently Asked Question, you might choose to name it Question 5. Now click OK and you’ve inserted an anchor. The next step is highlight whatever word or phrase that you want to be the link TO the anchor. For instance, the question at the top of the page. Once you highlight it, then click the globe icon in the tool bar, then from the LINK TYPE drop down choose LINK TO ANCHOR IN THE TEXT. At this point what you see in the box will change. If you click on the SELECT AN ANCHOR BY ANCHOR NAME drop down, you will see that you can select an anchor by the names you have given them. Once you’re done, click OK, then SUBMIT, and your anchor is live!