Go to the YouTube video you want to embed. Under the video you'll see a "share" button, click it. Underneath that will appear a "embed" button, click that. Then you will get a few options to pick from along with the size you would like your video to be. After you choose your options, copy the code in the box above. Go to your cpanel under the page you would like your video to show up and go to "source" at the top left of the page module. Paste it here and make sure you hit submit. ***You can type a bunch of GGGGG's or something along those lines in the spot you want to put your video before you click "source" just so that it's easier to find once you get into the source page. If you do decide to do it this way, once you click "source" find your GGGGG's or whatever it is, highlight them and paste your code on top of it.***