To add a table, press the icon that looks like a table with a blue header. A box will pop up that will allow you to input the number of columns and rows for your table. It will also allow you to choose the size of your table. (The default is 200 pixels, but you can change that – a change to “100 percent” means that the table with be the width of your page.) Border size dictates whether or not you want lines to appear between your rows and columns, and if so, how big you would like those lines to be. If you do not want lines to appear between rows and columns, change this number to “0.” After you have created your table, you can add text and photos within the table, which you can then manipulate cell-by-cell by right-clicking within a cell, scrolling down to “Cell,” and then pressing “Cell properties.” “Horizontal alignment” and “Vertical alignment” allow you to move the picture or text within a cell to where you want it – for example, if you want text to appear in the center of a cell, you would scroll to “Middle” under “Vertical alignment.”