Step 1 - Install An FTP Client

We recommend FileZilla, a free, open source FTP client.

  1. Download FileZilla from:
    Note: Skip anything that pops up suggesting an add-on such as Ad-Aware.
  2. Run the installer, agree to the terms, click next, click Finish.

Step 2 - Add A New Site To FileZilla

We'll be adding a site to the Site Manager so that you can easily reconnect every time you need to FTP something to your website.

  1. Click File, and then choose Site Manager to open the window below.
  2. Click New Site and type a name.
  3. Host:
  4. Port: 22
  5. Protocol: SFTP
  6. Logon Type: Normal
  7. User: <Given Username>
  8. Password: <Given Password>
  9. Click Connect