Disclaimer: Please be careful when using the Menus module. It is very easy to skew the look of your website by adding too many words to a menu item, especially if your main menu runs across the top of your website.

To add a menu item, go to Add a Menu Item. Here, you can put in a title (whatever you want your menu to be called) and the LINK to the menu item. If it is a link from your website, you do not have to put the entire web address. For example, if the whole link is www.yourpagename.com/pagename, for the purposes of the menu item, all you have to put is: /pagename/ (i.e. everything after “.com”). The Sort Order area will help you sort the item. Parent Menu item also helps sort the Menu item. If it is a drop-down icon, choose which Menu item it needs to drop below. If it is a stand alone Menu item, you do not need to choose a Parent Menu. You can also choose to have the page open up in a new window, if you choose. Press SUBMIT when you are done.

Helpful hints for dealing with the Menus module:

- If you would like one of your menu items to link to a page that is NOT within your website (for example, Google), be sure to keep the “http://” before the page to which you would like to link. If you do not, you will be directed to www.yourpagename.com/www.google.com, which will result in an “error” message.

- To see a sub-menu within a menu, click on the spyglass icon in the control panel.