Edit products under the Products: General Module. Under PRODUCTS: GENERAL, choose either 1- Add A Product, to add a new product or 2- View All, in order to edit a product item already in the system. Enter the info in all the fields and hit submit and its live! You can also add pictures, PDFs, and/or Word documents to a product  (see ‘Add Media’ instructions under News – it works the same way.)


Click on ADD A PRODUCT. Enter information into each of the fields that are relevant (for instance Retail Price may not be relevant- if not, leave it blank). If you want this product to be one of the products that show up on the homepage under Featured Product, click Yes from that drop-down. Remember, you only want a few of these at any one time. You can come back in and change out which ones are featured at any time. In the Details field, enter all information about that product that you want to include- length, weight, capacity, etc. In the Categories area, select all categories under which the product should appear. To select more than one, hold down the Control key as you are selecting them. For example, if there was an RV that was both a Class A and a 5 th Wheel, then when entering a Class A, click Class A, then hold Control and also select 5th Wheel. Now that product will show up on the homepage under Motor Homes (because that’s the parent category of Class A), under Motor Homes, and under 5th Wheel. Now, to add Photos to the product, scroll down to the Add Media section. Give the picture a name, anything is fine. e.g. BlackRV44 OR bg10 OR brv10. Then select Image from the Type dropdown. This is required. Now click Yes to main ONLY if you want this particular picture to be the most prominent one if you are entering multiple pictures. Now under File, click Browse and browse to the picture file on your computer or on a CD. Then click Submit. If you want to add another image, just fill out the Add Media section again, and so forth until you have as many as you need. The product goes live as soon as you click on Submit the first time. This section does time out, so make sure that you click Submit if you will be away from your desk for an extended period. To go back in and edit a product, click View All in the Control Panel under Products. At that point you can choose to edit a product or even delete it.